Noah's Park Retreat is a 501C(3) charitable organization dedicated to educating the public and providing an interactive facility for schools and other educational groups to enhance awareness of nature and the importance of protecting animals and their environment, and to provide a spiritual and emotional connection between people and animals.   

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A 501C(3) charitable organization. 

I am writing this with a broken heart, because on Sunday, 9/11, we lost our animal family. Our horses, donkeys, pigs, sheep, chickens, ducks and peacocks were confiscated. The person in charge refused to give any information about where they were taking them. There was no veterinarian present as should have been in this situation. The charges were malnutrition, dehydration and unsanitary conditions. He tried to stop us from videotaping the seizures, which were done in a very cold and heartless manner. Our animals were not starved or neglected or mistreated in ANY way. We watched helplessly as they were loaded into pickup trucks and trailers. Feeling horrible emotional pain, we screamed and cried, asking, "can't you see that they are well fed and healthy? This is their home, they're happy here! Where are they going? Who reported this supposed abuse? Why? Why is this happening? Are they being separated?" It was like losing your children.

         We have lived here for 38 years, initially opening a boarding and grooming business. Over the years, we took in some pets, people for one reason or another could not keep, and they lived out their lives here. Then we established Noah's Park Retreat, because we wanted to have people come enjoy our animals and learn about them. We tried to create a beautiful environment in a park like setting that includes a butterfly garden for people to enjoy. We did this by appointment so that it did not stress the animals and people would have a more personal experience. Along with a volunteer retired schoolteacher, we also provided other activities for children such as games and crafts. At the volunteer's personal expense, prizes were provided for these things. We have served our community for years. Our animals are our family which we shared because we wanted to bring some happiness and joy to people. Families came, the disabled, schools, the terminally ill cancer patients came, all kinds of people, finding for a little while, some distraction from their problems.

                  We have provided a peaceful, happy environment and also rescued animals losing their homes. WE LOVE ANIMALS! We are NOT GUILTY of the charges brought against us. We want our animals back! There is more to this story than we can tell right now. Those who have come here, and those who know us, know the TRUTH! The animals were in good condition, not starved, cramped or dirty. Some of them, like the sheep, are elderly and have age related problems, but are otherwise healthy and happy. I am writing this from a place of grief and sadness, that now fill the days.

       **** Please help us. We have shared our animal family out of love, not for financial profit. We are not funded by big corporations or grants. We are a small entity, serving animals and our community. We are asking if you are able, to visit our website, where their is a donate button, and help us with the lawyer fees, so we can continue our work and get our animal family back! Please help us fight this INJUSTICE! Thank you for your consideration.****

-Rebecca Vives and Diana McGowan

Noah's Park Retreat is an Educational Center and a place to experience one on one interactions with small exotic animals well as farm animals. We offer a  guided tour, where you will be able to feed animals. This is a one of a kind destination for animal lovers of all ages.

Noah's Park Retreat needs to hire people part-time to care for some of the animals. Hours are flexible and pay is comparable. For more information, call Diana at 845-294-8948.
Visitors who wish to view and interact with our animals are welcome 
By Appointment Only.
Go to our Programs & Classes page for exciting news about our SECRET GARDEN WORKSHOPS.
To make our guest feel comfortable at Noah's Park, during these trying times, we are observing the most up to date hygienic protocols.
Due to the cost of maintaining and caring for the animals, the donation for a self-guided tour is the following:
$20 per person
Call Diana at 845-294-8948 or Karen at 845-978-9082 to schedule a self-guided tour or plan an amazing party.  .

Noah's Park Retreat's Mission

Noah's Park is not for profit retreat that is home to a number of small unique and unusual animals, as well as some farm animals, on seven acres of tranquil land in Goshen NY. The Park with it's beautiful gardens and pastures is a fun and exotic destination! There are paths leading to each animals residence where visitors learn all about the creatures at Noah's Park, and what it means to care for them.

There, visitors directly experience the kindness and compassion that is at the core of our philosophy.

In addition to the traditional farm animals that always delight small children we provide a loving and safe refuge for unusual small animal species that most people never encounter.  These include Wallaby, Greater Bush Baby, Marmoset Monkeys, Fennec Foxes, Emu and much more!

Children can experience the joy and excitement of connecting with new kinds of animals one on one in a safe and natural environment.

In learning where the animals come from, all our visitors understand the larger world, the role that animals play in our environment and the importance in protecting all the animal species. Several of the residence at Noah's Park are rescue animals. Adults also find an alluring natural setting in which to relax and meditate.

"I spent the afternoon at Noah's Park Retreat, and there I was able to shed all of the stress I had carried around for weeks. Thank you!"- Jessica P

Located in the heart of Orange County, serving Western and upstate New York. We are open to the public by appointment only. Our guided tours provide children and adults with a family friendly experience. The Park is also a desirable location for children's birthday parties and charitable events.